Resume Writing Recommendations


  • List dates in months and years.  Example: 9/2002 - 6/2009.
  • List last job first, and then others in reverse chronological order.
  • Put name of company, city, title of position, and dates of employment.
  • Make a single-spaced, bullet-pointed list of duties.
  • Do not go back more than 10-15 years in work experience unless a job's tenure spans more than that.
  • If you worked on contract positions through a staffing firm, list the name of the firm at the top with beginning and end dates, and then list positions below that with dates per job if they were long term assignments.

Skills or Certifications (if applicable):

  • List software programs and proficiency in them
  • List any special equipment, etc., if applicable to job being applied for
  • List certifications earned


  • List schools and types of degrees
  • Graduation dates are optional, but suggested if graduation is recent
  • Training courses or additional college courses attended can be listed


  • Red Zone Resources does not recommend an objective or summary statement unless it is targeted to a specific job you are interviewing for. Objective statements can be limiting and summaries are not read by employers most of the time. If using an objective, keep it very short.
  • Watch verb tense. Be sure to use past tense for former jobs and present tense for the current job.
  • Use Spell Check and double-check your resume for correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Do not list hobbies or personal information.

Email resumes to prospective employers or staffing companies in Word or WordPerfect format. Do not send scanned versions or .pdf documents. If Red Zone Resources sets up an interview for you, we will send your resume on our letterhead to the client before sending you to the interview. If you decide to take a physical copy with you as well, please take the Red Zone Resources one rather than your original resume.