Our tried and true process allows us to find you the best candidates for your open position. This starts with:

  • We try to meet our clients at their facility to understand the culture and work environment.
  • We take thorough notes about the job order, ensuring we understand every nuance of the position and what it entails.
  • We use both conventional and unconventional means to source quality candidates.
  • We interview the candidate to understand their short and long term career goals and how that aligns with your business needs.
  • When appropriate, we screen candidates utilizing “Prove it!” testing services.
  • We check references.

Once a candidate is selected for an interview, we do the following:

  • Walk the candidate on-site and provide a personal introduction to the interviewer(s).
  • Follow up with both the interviewer and candidate that same day to get feedback on how the interview went.

Once a candidate is selected for hire, we do the following:

  • Once the employee is working, we’ll check in with the manager to ensure his or her satisfaction.
  • If a problem does arise, we can assist in finding a resolution.